Hi!  Please note that I had made a few changes on my ceramic mugs.  

1) I will no longer provide options for various color floods (inside of the mug) and handles.  Nice and as they were, producing them was quite expensive, and I wasn't making a profit out of them.  However, I'm hoping that my charming, yet strong designs will speak for themselves.  

2) I went ahead and switched over to a new ceramic mug vendor.  Not only is their customer service impressive, but their work is of great quality.  

3) If there's anything I liked about my prior ceramic mug vendor is that they were speedy.  Normally, my customers would receive their item within a week.  However, if you purchase a mug, please expect delivery to be 1.5-2 weeks.  

Maraming Salamat for you patience as I go through this new process.