A heads up, JULY 1 - 31st, 30% of the proceeds will go towards the SAVE OUR SCHOOLS for LUMAD: Indigenous Peoples of the PI.  Unfortunately, not a lot of people know that there's currently a big issue going on in the Philippines between the government and Lumad, the indigenous people of the PI.  The Lumad students are being stripped of their education due to the expansion of development projects like mining and agribusiness plantations.  Schools are being torn down and educators have gone missing, imprisoned, or killed due to all this.  The proceeds will help feed, and support these students and their community as they go through this hardship.  History has always forsaken these people, the least we can do is help and protect them.

Therefore, throughout the month of July, as you purchase from my shop, be proud knowing that your contribution is helping Lumad in a good way.