Pasko is just around the corner!  Please kindly note that I'm a shop that PRINTS ON DEMAND.  I do not carry inventory from home.  Instead, I partner with many vendors who print my designs onto products, in which they drop ship, as well.  

1)  If you order during the weekend, please be aware that your item(s) will be sent out for production on the next business day.  Same applies to Federal holidays. 

2) I just received word from my print supplier,, that any prints ordered this week you should EXPECT delays.  They are no longer accepting rush shipment either... Sorry.  However, if you're not concerned, then you're still welcome to order prints. 

3)  This will be the last week to order a canvas print and have it arrive before Xmas.  Sorry but no international shipping is available for canvas prints.

4)  Printful, who normally covers ceramic mugs and t-shirts, have been steady.  This will change as we get closer to Christmas.

5)  I’m open to exchanges but NO REFUNDS, especially over shipping.  If you feel your package got lost, or is delayed, then you will need to contact the shipping provider.  Once packages are shipped, it is no longer my responsibility.  I know that sounds unfair, but it really isn’t.  Remember, I’m a small business with little mouths to feed, not Amazon.

***If you received your items in poor PRINT/PRODUCTION quality, then PLEASE do not hesitate to contact me and provide photos of the issue.  I'll have the item replaced.  However, if your item was damaged through transit, then the shipping provider will need to be contacted.

Going back to delays, unfortunately, they've been occurring a lot sooner than previous Christmas holidays due to heavy online shopping. Please keep in mind that we’re still living through (hopefully) the tail end of a pandemic and consumers feel safer shopping from home than out in public.  However, you can trust that my partners and I are doing all that we can to jet everything out as quickly as possible.  Absolutely no Filipino time here.

I will continue to keep everybody updated about processing/shipment times.  Therefore, please read these important announcements, if you feel there's a delay in your package.

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